CASE STUDY: Pushme Bikes

George kalliegeros, pushme Bikes

George kalliegeros, pushme Bikes

George Kalligeros, a previous postgraduate student at the University of Bath, was formerly a design engineer at Tesla developing systems for the Model S and has also worked for Bentley Motors. During his final year project at the University of Bath, George created the first prototype of Pushme - a removable electronic device that turns a regular bike electric within a matter of seconds.

Despite its potential, pursuing the project beyond university was a risk he was hesitant to take.

Thanks to an Innovation Bursary - generously donated by alumnus, George received the push he needed. The bursary provided the perfect opportunity to explore, develop and grow the concept.

Pushme is the first plug & play system that electrifies delivery bicycles with bottomless energy. The company is on a mission to change how goods move inside cities, building a range of small all-electric delivery vehicles connected to distributed, instant energy. Pushme Bikes Limited is venture backed by SOS ventures and has received start-up support from the University of Bath Set Squared Partnership through their business acceleration hubs.

George Kalligeros from Pushme was the winner of the April 2018 Shell LiveWIRE Smarter Future Award:

Engineers are typically logical and structured so it’s a very unnatural step to make - to drop everything and go full throttle on commercialising a project without funding.

Initiatives like Innovation Bursaries and Entrepreneur programmes are just some of the ways we can ensure budding entrepreneurs are given the space and means to turn their ideas into successful businesses.

Pushme Bikes are disrupting the on-demand delivery industry with quick electric bike conversion and battery swap stations. Self-employed delivery couriers convert their conventional bicycles to electric in under 5 minutes using Pushme Bike’s innovative device. Low battery alerts are sent directly to users’ smartphones, telling the rider to head to the nearest battery swap station (pushpod), located within local convenience stores, to switch their depleted battery for a fully charged one, a process that takes 10 seconds. Pushme Bike’s two products, a plug & play bicycle converter and a network of accessible pushpods, aim to tempt couriers away from petrol scooters and towards cleaner, equally efficient, transport options.

pushme bikes, push pod battery station

pushme bikes, push pod battery station

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